How to Launch 500 Coding Clubs

The school year has begun and with it the race to launch after-school coding clubs across the country. Girls Who Code, a visionary leader in the learn-to-code movement, is undergoing a five-fold expansion to 500 clubs this year. So how do you roll out 500 clubs, nationwide, all at once? Well, you start by entrusting the coding platform and curriculum to a partner.

Codesters is proud to be GWC’s platform and curriculum partner to help propel this extraordinary and worthwhile initiative. Girls Who Code can now spend their time and resources signing up amazing volunteers and getting girls excited about coding. As for the Python lessons, we’ve got that covered.

That’s what we do. We focus on building engaging, dynamic coding curriculum so that kids become fluent in this critical literacy. And so that kids can build stuff of course! Our platform includes a creative toolkit of code for graphics, animation, and interactivity that will empower these girls to create engaging projects and share them with their friends. And on the back end, our built-in learning management system enables GWC to flexibly enroll students into clubs, distribute coding lessons on the platform, and monitor their progress.

All the features currently available to the schools on Codesters are now helping Girls Who Code’s unprecedented movement to teach thousands of girls how to code.

We couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunity.

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